For digital assets

01. Z-method

Z-method is a set of constant fundamental and dynamic metrics of the new type of digital assets (cryptocurrencies, tokens, decentralized autonomous organizations, networks) to develop a solid scoring methodology in order to evaluate asset investment attractiveness.

02. Invest stream

Invest Stream is an online 24/7 channel broadcasting promotional videos (explainers, analysis, reviews) of digital assets providing investors from all over the world with insights of the new digital assets.

03. Z-roadshow

Present your project to a big community of developers, technological companies and a growing number of investors and funds in Minsk, Belarus with a local support from Zet.

For Investors

01. Z-fund

Zet Fund helps people to profit from the new age economy offering financial management services to anyone in the world regrardless race,sex, age, social status, religion, country and income.

02. Z-shop

Z-shop is a data and knowledge platform of most popular digital assets analyzed and scored accordingly to Z-method. Z-shop gives trustworthy investment insights both for professional and non-professional investors by revealing most possible risks and evaluating market potential of an asset.

03. What Da Hack?!

Hack the Unhacked!
What Da Hack?! is a youtube channel providing an independent look at the new tech, economy and discovering business and life hacks.