Zet Fund helps people to profit from the new age decentralized economy. We offer our services and products to anyone in the world regardless race, sex, age, social status, religion, country and income. We apply our best talent to benefit both for our investors and us.

Why should you trust a fund like Zet instead of investing yourself?

 Your precious time

You have no need of tracking many projects and manage funds between them.  We take it in charge saving your time, so you can devote it to your life, hobby or family.


Right investment decisions are based not just on open data and product understanding. Statistically, 9 out of 10 new projects fail. Are you sure you can detect 1 out of those 10?

Market hostility

The new market is extraordinarily volatile and alive 24/7/365. It requires instant reactions in order not just to get profits but to save investment from losses. 

Still hesitating? Scroll down to see how Zet differs from other funds.

What makes Zet unique? Here are some reasons.

Low entry

We are open to anybody in the world. Most funds work with credited investors and request from 25 000 to 100 000 US dollars as a minimum investment. We set our enrty threshold at $10 and we are heading to cut it down even to 1 cent.


Best portfolio management practices

We are constantly monitoring markets to find next Google or Facebook at an early stage. We apply the best world practices for portfolio management to maximize profits and mitigate possible risks. 

Scientific approach

We developed our own algorithmic methods to implement them in a software automating routine and optimizing manual efforts reducing overhead and emotional mistakes in choises-making process. This gives us a unique opportunity to monitor much more projects, conduct faster researcher and take better investment decisions.

Avantgarde knowledge

Many projects are based on avantgarde scientific technologies and are just hard for an average investor understanding. We are constantly improving our expertise in various markets and apply our investing skills to find projects with an enormous uncovered market potential. 

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Requirements For Investors
  • 10$ minimum investment
  • no lockup period
  • 0% upfront load fee
  • 0% withdrawal fee if no profit
  • 20% performance fee

Do not invest your all savings! Do not lend money to invest! Do your due diligence!

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